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Have You Tried Out PerkZilla Tool for Creating Massively Successful Viral Campaigns? Just look at YouTube or Facebook right now, and you’ll see videos that have been viewed millions of times. MILLIONS.

A viral campaign is like a stick of dynamite — it’s not going to go “boom” unless you have a match to light the fuse. And that’s where PerkZilla comes in.

PerkZilla is a viral rewards platform that lights the fuse on your figurative stick of dynamite. That’s because PerkZilla lets you create a campaign where you reward people for sharing your content. You can reward these referrals with almost anything you want, including products, contest entries, coupons, gift cards and more.

So now you have a visitor coming to your site, and they refer three, five or more people. (Your choice of how many referrals it takes to unlock a reward.) Those referrals then get three of their friends to visit your site, who get three of their friends to visit…

And BOOM, you’ve got a viral campaign that just hit critical mass! Now you’re going to see the social love you’ve been dreaming about with enough likes and shares to make your closest competitors green with envy.

Now you’re going to see your list blow up with targeted traffic who’re not only interested in what you’re selling, they’re also eager to tell all their friends about it!

And now you’re going to see better results across your business, from more contest entries to more webinar attendees to more customers buying what you’re selling!

That’s the power of PerkZilla.

Simply put, it’s the fastest and easiest way to start getting more targeted traffic to your site… starting as soon as today! And it’s point-and-click easy to use this platform. It’s so easy that you don’t need to know a lick of code in order to put it to work for you today.

So whether you’re promoting contests, lead pages, sales pages or anything else, PerkZilla can help make your viral campaigns a massive success.

Check it out right now at PerkZilla

And do it now, because this is the best way to get more traffic, sales, subscribers and social love!

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