Perfect Ad Formula — For Facebook Ads

My friend Wilco de Kreij has a very unconventional view on how to make money with Facebook Ads.

Wilco says: One Facebook Ad is enough to transform your business…and a single ad can work for months, even years to come, too.

He’s been running an ad since July 2018 that’s still making sales!

And he never writes an ad 100% from scratch anymore.

Instead, he’s developed some Perfect Ad Formula that’s simple and he uses to crush it on cold traffic.

Perfect Ad Formula will help you create Facebook ads with more engagement and higher click-through-rates, which in turn helps reduce ad costs.

Full details here on the sales page.

Inside Perfect Ad Formula, You’ll Learn:

In other words…Perfect Ad Formula has everything you need to know to create high converting Facebook ads people can’t resist!

The beauty of Wilco’s ad formulas is, not only do they work on cold traffic, but they also meet your audience exactly where they are on their buyer’s journey.

And that means more sales for less ad spend.

Sounds good?

Check out Perfect Ad Formula now and get ready for your best Black Friday promotion ever!

Wilco has included some amazing bonuses to make your campaigns massively successful!

Check out these $294 worth of Facebook ad bonuses for Perfect Ad Formula:

Bonus 1: Ad Multiplier Method (Value:$49)

— Write a winning ad once…and then multiply it for maximum profits!
— Closely-guarded strategies on writing winning ads that work for months without hitting the ad-fatigue wall…WITHOUT duplicating an ad set or ad!

Bonus 2: High Engagement Ad Formula (Value: $49)

— Make sure Facebook likes and approves your ads quickly by leveraging the power of social proof.
— Get your Facebook ads liked, commented, and shared hundreds (even thousands!) of times…to win attention and win trust from your ideal audiences.
— Tap into the #1 emotion responsible for highly-engaging ads (and it’s not shame, pain, anger, fear, or greed.)
— Leverage your high engagement ad into a long-term business asset

Bonus 3: How to Write Compliant Facebook Copy (Value: $99)

— Wilco’s best (and latest) thoughts on writing compliant Facebook copy
— His answer to the burning question — should you use ‘You/Yours’ in your copy or avoid it 100%? Hint: there’s a better AND compliant way to answer this question
— There’s MUCH more to compliant ads than just your copy — here’s what to keep in mind

Bonus 4: 30-day Free Trial to ConnectSuite (Value: $97)

— Wilco’s Facebook ad software suite that includes 5 tools to help automate the tasks of audience targeting, lead generation, retargeting, custom audience creation, and turning your best Facebook posts into ads.

There you have it! $294 worth of incredible bonuses.

For full details on Perfect Ad Formula and these awesome bonuses, check out the sales page here

Does Perfect Ad Formula Actually Work?

I’ve been getting lots of questions about Wilco de Kreij’s Proven Ad Formula course.

And the biggest one is this:

Does this ACTUALLY work…will it make a REAL difference in my Facebook ad results…

Or is this just rehashed info everyone already knows?”

First of all, know that I have never promoted a product I didn’t believe in 100%.

I’ve known Wilco for a long time, and he’s the real deal when it comes to Facebook ad knowledge.

But just to make sure, I asked him for proof that Perfect Ad Formula is working right now.

So he sent over some proof from his students:

Perfect Ad Formula For Facebook Ads
Perfect Ad Formula For Facebook Ads

And there’s even more proof available on the sales page of Perfect Ad Formula

So why not check it out for yourself?

Here’s the link to the sales page

I highly recommend this Perfect Ad Formula course to anyone who wants better results from their Facebook ads.

If you want to:

Perfect Ad Formula has just been updated over the last two weeks.

But here’s something else you should know about Perfect Ad Formula:

The strategies taught in the course will still work:

Because it’s based on foundational principles of creating timeless Facebook ads that tap into people’s emotions.

Here’s something else you should know, too…

If there’s a new Facebook development that affects the course content, Wilco has reassured me that the course will be updated to reflect it.

Wilco isn’t some flash-in-the-pan marketer.

He’s been around a long time, and he’ll continue to be because of his commitment to constant improvement, lifelong learning, and customer service.

So you can purchase Perfect Ad Formula with 100% confidence.

Plus Wilco is also extending a 30-day, “No Questions Asked” money-back guarantee.

The risk is all on him…if you don’t love Perfect Ad Formula, just let his customer service team know within 30 days of purchase.

Pick up your copy of Perfect Ad Formula now!

Because nothing is worse than when you realize you should have acted..and you didn’t!

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