Leads2List Facebook Leads, List Building Software

Leads2list is a unique web based software that lets you grab Facebook leads and feeds those leads direct to your auto-responders. Yes, you can email them right away.

A lot has changed in list building and email marketing in the last few years. It’s not so easy to get sign ups anymore. You just can’t slap together a lame bonus, put up a squeeze page and bring in leads.

No, that does not work, and that’s the reason behind failure for so many new people. They are being taught the tactics of 2009, when the market has already moved on ahead so far. All those tactics like offering bonuses, putting up exit pop-ups are dead or worse, abused so much that they’ve been banned. Those tactics don’t work anymore, and if you’re into list building who’s still stuck with them so long, you’re not going to survive in this market.

The top internet marketers in the business are employing something entirely different to grab their leads — Leads2List that opens an exciting new way for you to build your list.

Facebook lead generation Ads!

They are the most powerful and yet, under utilized method to grab fresh leads in any niche. The reason why only big internet marketers have been able to use them so far is because it’s not easy to get the leads into an auto-responder.

You either got to do the coding yourself, or pay monthly for a software that will do this for you. Both methods are expensive!

But not anymore. Leads2List makes it really easy to grab your leads for a one-time cost.

Yes, you just connect it to your Facebook page and it will automatically send all the people who sign up, straight to your auto-responder.

What’s more! It even comes with free training that shows you exactly how to set up effective lead generating Ads.

With Leads2List, you’re going to be able to scale up your business the same way the big guys do.

Look at what this Facebook leads and list building software does

- Connect your Facebook pages to Leads2list and grab all your leadgen Ads
- Connect to your favorite auto-responder (it supports all popular auto-responders)
- Anyone who signs up is added straight into your auto-responder list.

Once you turn it on, it need not be maintained again till you want to change anything.

Go check out the demo and get the Facebook leadgen method that’s secret of big internet marketers everywhere.

Leads2List Facebook Leads, List Building Software

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