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Over the past few days the Facebook poll software, FBEngagr has pretty much been the buzz since it went live. This is an app with over 1500 happy customers in just a few days of it’s launch for what has been known to be the best software for building Facebook poll campaigns that hacks Facebook legally for 100% free traffic and buyers on demand.

If you’re still sitting on the fence on why you need FBEngagr to boost leads and sales as a business owner, e-commerce store owner, blogger, Affiliate marketer or internet marketer then you need to pay attention right now and discover why FBENGAGR IS BETTER THAN EVERY OTHER TRAFFIC/LEAD GENERATION/SALES FUNNEL software you have right now.

FBengagr is a cloud based software that builds unique highly interactive Facebook poll marketing campaigns using customer-driven funnels that you can publish on any Facebook page, timeline or group right now and start capturing leads with an insane opt-in rate. (NO NEED FOR A SQUEEZE PAGE) email leads are automatically synced to your auto-responder.

Using FBengagr you can build a super profitable simple sales funnel with polls that’s fun-filled and makes more money than any other sales funnel you have tried — all in less than 2 minutes. It works so well and converts highly because the entire system is based on a proven polling mechanism that compels your audience to vote on their choice which instantly engages them to your offer.

It’s crazy with what FBengagr can do for you, you have never seen anything quite like this before. This is not some fancy hype or lazy theory, the strategy is a proven one and has been tested over and over again, every single time, the results turned out to be exceptional.

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The best part is, you can use FBEngagr to:

+ Build your email list and grow your email marketing
+ Boost engagement on your Facebook page
+ Reduce Ads cost drastically
+ Giveaway coupon and discount codes
+ Promote affiliate and cpa offers
+ Sell physical and digital products
+ Promote local businesses
+ Generate viral social media traffic

Regardless of whether you own a local business, an eCommerce store, create digital products or promote affiliate offers… FBEngagr can start getting you results, generating your leads and making money for you before the end of today.

If you have always wanted a REAL customer getting software (not some over-hyped up push button traffic software) then you need to get access to FBengagr — this software allows you to interact and engage your customers and close sales faster than you ever thought was possible. The opportunity this software creates for your business is one lined up with profits.

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