7 Reasons To Use Interactive Images In Your Marketing

Interactive images are the way to the present profits. The biggest brands like Samsung, Netflix, etc are embracing the interactive content wave and you should too.

Here are 7 reasons why you should use interactive images in your content.

1. Interactive hotspots are 3X more engaging than traditional marketing
2. It offers a new point of sale
3. It will help you get 3X more leads and sales from the same traffic
4. You can show your offer to visitors without redirecting in 1 click
5. You can get people to act in 3 different ways from these interactive hotspots
6. These designs are responsive so they work efficiently on mobile too
7. You can integrate these interactive images with your favourite platform

Click here to Make your First Interactive Campaign

It’s actually overloaded with features that can take off your business to 10X than where it is right now. Make every click count and increase your sales with features like:

[+] 9 Different Types of Interactive Hotspot on your Images
[+] 3 Different Types of Call to Actions
[+] 100+ Sounds from an Inbuilt Library (On Hover and Click Sounds)
[+] Huge library with 600+ icons to use
[+] Pixabay integration so you never have to pay for stock images
[+] Adobe Image editor so you don’t have to pay for those fancy and expensive editing softwares
[+] DesignoPro2 & Youzign integration so that you can add your own images

Plus, on top of it you can seamlessly integrate it with any page builder, e-commerce platform, blog or any any CMS and add your own branding. This is the underground marketing method that was being used only by big brands till date, but now this can be yours too.


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